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Bryan Stevenson & Yellow Mama

Oil on wood panel,  2020

When I ran across the work of Bryan Stevenson, I was immediately in awe.

How could one man challenge the course of history? He did it.

He has brought so much injustice to light. 

Bryan Stevenson 24 x 24

Angel or saint?

Bryan Stevenson founded the Equal Justice Initiative to correct the historical narrative and inspire a more just path forward.

By fighting for defenseless inmates and challenging corrupt prosecutors, he has begun to correct decades of injustice. 

My thanks go to him for opening my eyes.

Yellow Mama 18 x 24

When I came across a picture of this chair,

I could not believe what I read.

The state of Alabama had affectionately nick-named this electric chair, used to execute 135 death row inmates between 1927 and 2002.

Who names a tool of torture?

US history is confounding.

This cannot be forgotten.

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